How to Get Rid of External Hemorrhoids

What Are External Hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids are painful extrusions that occur in the rectum when large amounts of pressure have been placed on the rectum, causing too much to be forced into the veins. The veins then stretch, bulge, and rupture. When the veins bulge, they cause pain, itchiness, and burning. Hemorrhoids are caused by bad eating habits, lack of exercise, and being overweight. They are quite a common condition. Hemorrhoids can be external or internal. Getting rid of hemorrhoids can be accomplished in various ways, from home treatments to surgery. How they are gotten rid of depends on the type of hemorrhoid.

How To Get Rid Of External Hemorrhoids

To get rid of external hemorrhoids, one of the most common practices to do is take a sitz bath [$8.38 Carex Sitz Bath at] . This helps ease the pain and discomfort and eases the area. To do this, place the rectum in the sitz bath. The water should be warm and shallow, and you leave the rectum in the bath for fifteen to twenty minutes. This method works for soothing the symptoms and shrinking the hemorrhoid. Aside from this, topical creams can be applied to the hemorrhoid. These creams can be found at any pharmacy or drug store. The creams relieve the burning and the itching while reducing the swelling. Apply the cream according the directions on the tube, applying as often as needed until the symptoms cease.

Another treatment that offers immediate relief without the need for surgery is cold therapy. Just as the name suggests, it’s pretty straightforward – a cold therapy applicator made of hospital grade plastic [$39.95 Anuice - FDA Approved Medical Device for Hemorrhoid Treatment at], which contains a coolant inside, is placed in the freezer and subsequently applied directly to the swollen hemmorhoids. Just like applying ice, the cold therpay will provide cooling relief from pain and inflammation and reduce spasm.

There are more drastic treatments if the hemorrhoids are particularly bad. Banding is one surgical procedure used to get rid of hemorrhoids. It is an outpatient treatment and stitches aren’t required for it. During this procedure, the hemorrhoid is tied off at the base, which subsequently cuts off the blood flow. This will cause the hemorrhoid to fall off. Another option is laser treatment. This procedure is very effective and less invasive, and also requires no incisions or stitches. The doctor shrinks the hemorrhoids using a laser. If the hemorrhoids are severe, it will need to be done more than once.

The most invasive procedure is a haemorrhoidectomy. This procedure requires a stay in the hospital of four days, and will require stitches. In addition, there is a high chance of infection. This procedure is done by removing the hemorrhoids with a surgical object and then stitching the openings closed. During a bowel movement, there is a high chance of the stitches falling out. Thus, there is a high chance of infection. All of these options can be done depending on the severity of the hemorrhoids.

If you tried the sitz bath and the topical treatment to no avail, then surgery may be required. Consult with a doctor if the symptoms and the hemorrhoids do not go away after repeated home treatment. The doctor may recommend surgery. Work with the doctor to determine which procedure will work best for you. Don’t attempt to treat or remove hemorrhoids on your own without consulting a doctor. If you are a frequent sufferer of hemorrhoids, then you may have to take preventive measures, such as losing weight and improving your diet to stop the hemorrhoids from occurring again.

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